Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Niel goes hot air ballooning...

This past weekend, Niel and I had the opportunity to go crewing with some friends who fly hot air balloons. It was so much fun, it was unfortunate due to warm weather conditions, only Niel and another guy got to go up in the balloon. That's okay, I have been up before, several years ago with the same friends.

Niel and I also had the great responsibility of holding the throat of the balloon while we were prepping it for flight. The throat is very simply the lowest part of the balloon that connects to the gondola. When they turned on the flame, we thought our faces were going to burn off because of the extreme heat. I was fotunate to have had on a jacket. Niel wasn't as fortunate, I think he may have singed some arm hairs.


Anonymous said...

Where are your wives?!

Anonymous said...

umm...i'd just like to say THANKS kuya damian for taking me and vaness and sandra up on those really cool airballoons. it was amazing! oh waiiit... that didn't happen!! us girls were at home. haha just kidding!!!