Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday Hannah!

Happy Birthday Hannah!

This last Saturday we celebrated Hannah's 5th Birthday. We had a wonderful time with friends and family.

As you can probably guess Sandra cooked up a feast with several different types of finger foods and hamburgers that Hannah's uncle Dave cooked up for her. The Orpillas and other friends from Farmington came and joined the birthday celebration.

Hannah had a great time and received many, many gifts. She was so blessed. She is really growing up to be a wonderful little girl who loves the Lord. She really has been a huge blessing throughout our transition, she does a great job of taking care of her little brothers. She also received her first Bible, she was so excited and feels like such a big girl now that she can take her own pink Bible to church. Please! Continue to pray for Hannah, that she would follow Jesus with all of her heart and be an example to all.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Monkey's on my bed...

Just a picture of the monkey's taking over my bed. The kids are growing so fast, I am blown away everyday at just how fast they grow. On the 23rd of June Hannah will be half a decade! Whooo, back off guys.

No the boys aren't matching in their pajamas. Micah is wearing Cars and Silas is wearing Thomas and Friends.

Please pray for them, that they would come to an early saving knowledge of Christ.

Movie in the Park @ Calvary of Albuquerque

This evening (Friday Night) we went to a viewing of Charlotte's Web. CCA had a family night in the park behind the church. It was really a great opportunity for them to provide a wonderful place for families to gather.

The evening was incredible and the sunset was truly amazing to see. Just before the movie started the wind picked up and a few rain drops fell, but the storm clouds soon past and made for a great night.

It was hosted by Renovate, the College minstry at Calvary, they are trying to raise money for a mission trip they will be taking to Montreal. It was great to see all the college kids come out and serve the Lord and the body here in Alb.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hannah's First VBS at Calvary of Albuquerque

Greetings! Tomorow (Friday) is the graduation ceremony for Hannah. This year was the first year that she has been a part of the summer Vacation Bible Shool. She has been thrilled to be a part of it. The theme of the VBS is Adventure at the Gallilean Sea.

They had little robes and head scarfs for all the kids. They have spent time singing traditional Jewish Worship songs as well as shopping at the Market place like they did back in the days of Christ.

We as a family have been fellowshipping at Calvary of Albuquerque, it has been a tremendous blessing. Skip Heitzig is a tremendous teacher of the Word. We rejoice that the Lord has provided many options for us to prayerfully consider here in Albuquerque. This next Sunday we will be attending Calvary Chapel Rio Rancho.

Please continue to pray for Hannah, that she would truly experience the presence of the Lord through the VBS, be blessed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From Califoria to New Mexico

The windmills outside Palm Springs, California

Entering The Grand Canyon State

Traversing the enchanted home of Billy the Kid

Hatch, "The Chilie Capital of the World"

Greeting friends and family!

We pray that all is well with you guys. Well, we have started our journey across the US. Last Wednesday we departed Southern Califonia. Over the next few weeks we will be travelling to Jacksonville, Florida. We will be making stops in Albuquerque NM, Nashville TN, as we hope to be driving into Jacksonville, FL on the 26th of June.

We hope to be making this a "Calvary Experience" as we will be visiting different Calvary Chapel's as we traverse the US. We are excited about our trip, although a part of me is dreading the long hours at the steering wheel. Praise the King for I Pods and Ravi Zacharias podcasts. Thus far, since we stepped off the plane at Tom Bradley (LAX) airport from Marco Polo (Venice) airport we have traveled about 6000 miles. Too bad you can't get frequent taveler miles for driving.

We have been blessed by the Lord in that we haven't had one single car problem or speeding ticket, not that we speed or anything :) We can't wait to see our friends in Nashville and Jacksonville.

Please continue to pray for us and our travels over the next few weeks. We will be spending Sandra's 26th :) b-day with our friends Mike and Ruby in Jacksonville. Currently we are in Albuquerque spending time with my mom, Virginia. Thank you guys for your prayers.

Stay with us over the next few weeks to see pictures from our journey as we traverse our nation.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Busy in California!

Gen, Sandra and Tamiko at Livingwater

Jessica, Sandra and Vanessa trying to stay cool in the shade at Livingwater

Men's prayer breakfast at Calvary Chapel in Vista, California

Worship at the Calvary Costa Mesa Japanese Minsitry home fellowship in Irvine

Rick, Travis, Santo and Masaru are grinding Japanese style with friends in California

Baptism with Japanese Home Fellowship

We have been incredibly busy since our last post. We have been here in California visiting friends, teaching classes and well eating. At the end of May I was teaching a class for S.E.N.D. Minsitries Leadership Development Program, it is their lecture phase. The three day class I was teaching was about the Father's Heart in Leadership. The class was at Horizon School of Evangelism in San Diego. It was truly a blessing to be a part of everybody's life that was involved. The class was specifically for the leaders of this years outreaches to Morroco, India and Israel. The bunch were all very seasonsed missionaries and I was humbled to be a part of the program.

Our Pastor (Rick Barnett) from Okinawa arrived last Thursday. We linked up with him and his crew from Japan for a time of fellowship with the body from Calvary Costa Mesa's Japanese Ministry. It was great to be with Japanses people again for food and fellowship. We had an abundance of food and Santo from Calvary Chapel West Tokyo brought the message. It was good to see all our friends from Japan. We were also able to celebrate with two people as they were baptized that night California style, in a swimming pool.

This past Sunday was the 16th Anniversary for Calvary Chapel Livingwater in Corona, Ca. We celebrated with them the 16 years that God has been using them in Corona. It was great to meet everybody who has been part of the fellowship since its birth in 1991. We were also able to see the Orpilla family all the way from Okinawa. A family that we are very close with, they hold a special place in our hearts. They are on their way to Albuquerque, NM. Niel is being stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base. It was also his birthday on Sunday. We then spent dinner with them eating all you can crab legs at an asian buffet in Torrance. Overall it was a very blessed day.

Please continue to pray for our visas, we rejoice in the Lord's faithfulness...