Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New housed is coming along...

The before and after pictures of our kitchen in progress

Sandra preparing one our first meals in the new house!

The monkey's are having a snack!

Our living room

The kids bedroom

Silas, being Silas, isn't he cute!

Kids being kids

Hi Everybody just wanted to quickly update with some of the new pictures as the house comes along.

The Lord has been gracious in providing everything that we have needed. Please pray for our future as we continue to move forward by faith, I pray that you are blessed by the pictures.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Praise the Lord, We found a house!

Pastor Craig working on the kitchen cabinets.

A rear view of the house

A front side view, with the gas man hooking up our heaters.

Sandra and Silas taking it easy.

David putting together a dresser.

Micah got tired from all the cleaning and destroying he did.

Hannah fighting her sleep, she is supposed to be taking a nap.

A picture of our back yard and parking area.

Sorry! It has been a while since we have emailed or updated our blog. The truth is we have been so busy with getting our new home ready for us to move in. We haven't been to the library. We thank everybody for their prayers in regards to finding a home.

It's really a unique thing in Italy, whenever you move into a house their is literally nothing in it. It is completly empty. We've had to install everything needed to live; including a toilet paper holder and lights. When we walked in their was nothing but wires hanging from the ceiling. So above are pictures of us getting the house ready for move in. Today I am going to pick up our new refrigerator.

We have been so blessed by David and Craig as they have labored with us all week long. The kitchen that was installed by Craig has taken the longest and has been most difficult part. It has to be completely constructed, all we had was boards and screws to start with.

Sandra and the kids stayed busy cleaning windows and heating radiators that mount to the walls, while David and I put together furniture. We went to Ikea in Padova and bought some of the basic necessities for us to live.

We thank everybody for their love and support as we have taken this step of faith we truly feel like everybody has stepped with us and are right along our side. The last week has been probably the most difficult week for us since we arrived in Italy. We are coming to the realization that this is now our home. We are truly honored and blessed that the Lord allows us to serve Him here.

This week I have been blessed to share God's Word with the two churches here in this area. Pastor Craig asked me to teach his Wednesday night service here in Montebelluna and Thursday night in Feltre. It is always a blessing to encourage the believers here in Italia. Please keep our Visa situation in your prayers, we still haven't received the required documents, also pray for Carlo Nicolo who will be arriving here in Motebelluna with his family to serve here as well.

We pray that you guys enjoy the pictures as the Lord has proven Himself faithful time and time again, be blessed.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Our first day trip...

The morning fog of Montebelluna!
The kids were overjoyed when we told them they were riding Thomas!
Sandra staying warm in Treviso!
Our first trip to McDonald's for a snack
The foggy downtown of Treviso

Hey everybody! We pray that everybody is doing well. Last Saturday we took our first day trip tp visit pastor Mark Nigro in Treviso, it was about a 25 minute train ride. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with him and his wife Renata. It was our first time out of Montebelluna in about 2 1/2 weeks. It was a nice break from the monotany of studying eating and sleeping, well and drinking espresso.

The day we left Montebelluna was quite foggy, only to be foggy in Treviso also. The weather has been a little warmer lately, we pray that the coldest days have past. Yesterday, Sunday was a beautiful sunny day for services.

The Lord continues to show Himself faithful on our behalf, we thank everybody for their love, prayer and support. We look forward to sharing with you of all that God is going to be doing in Italia.