Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day was a real blessing for us, we ate good and had a wonderful time of giving thanks, prayer and worship.

It was just one of the many meals the girls have prepared this week, Praise God for them.They have done a wonderful job making sure that everybody has put on at least 5 lbs over the last week.

Open House Thanksgiving Dinner Outreach!

Well, preparations continue to be underway for our Open House this Saturday. Everybody has been pitching in to help have all the food prepared for all the different guests that will be coming out this Saturday, even Simon has been busy cutting pecans ad sweet potatoes for pies.

The girls have literally been preparing food since Tuesday. We also have visitors from Bridlington, England who have also been busy frying up some onions to top the green beans. It is impossible to find fried onions in the store.

I, Damian, have been busy making several trips to the grocery store for more supplies since I am the only one who can drive. I also have been busy entertaining our guests from Bridlington. yesterday we were in the city and they closed off half of the city center due to a bomb threat at Barclay's Bank.

Well duty calls, I must make another run to the grocer for some evaporated milk, we will be posting more pictures in time to come, blessings.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tree Lighting Outreach

Hi! Just wanted to post some pictures we did tonight out on the High St. in the city center. It was their annual tree lighting festival. The whole area was closed off for pedestrian access only. Their was a concert and some other entertainers there.

We made candy bags and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to hand out with

…I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day…a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

Luke 2:10,11 [The Bible]

It was amazing, people were so blessed by it, everybody was asking how much money we were selling them for, and were totally blessed when we told them it was free. The Lord is so good. One thing about England, we spend a lot of time helping people to see what biblical Christianity is all about, most have a very jaded view of Christianity.

Please pray for the city of Exeter, that the love of Christ would penetrate the hearts of people this Christmas season.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day out in the city

Last Saturday we all went out for a day in the city, we had a great time together. We are amazed at the goodness of the Lord as He continues to give us favor all over the city, it has really been amazing, God is so good.

We started at Costa Coffee for a cup of java, then made our way around a bit. Exeter is really an amazing city with a some interesting history. We have only recently found out that Exeter is in the top 5 of most desirable cities to live in within the UK. We are so blessed that the Lord allows us to minister here and He has brought some amazing people into our lives.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

London at Night II

House of Parliament

Victoria Station

"The Tube"

Regent Street Apple Store

London traffic

The Apple Store at Regent Street is the biggest Apple store I have ever seen, it was amazing. I am glad that it was closed, we could have never made it home.

London at Night

Tower Bridge over River Thames

The London Eye

Big Ben illuminated

Westminster Station

Front view of Westminster Abby with a red sky

Well, Mike and Sofia are officially in London in their own apartment, the Lord is always faithful to provide in His perfect timing. They moved in last Sunday, the day before Mike was scheduled to start classes. As always God opened the door for them in the 11th hour, all glory be unto Him.

I dropped them off in London and spent the night with them to assist them in getting settled in. We made a last minute trip to IKEA for curtains and other last minute items. Then Mike and I had the chance to escape into the city fr a few hours to capture some pictures of the city at night. London is a beautiful cty with many stunning buildings and structures. I was amazed at the site of many of these sites.

We were blessed to finally make it back to the house. Time had escaped us in our venture, the underground closed before we could start making our way back. We then had to learn the bus system and find a route on city bus to get us back. It was good fun, although we were both exhausted by the time we made it home about 1 am. The sky looked amazing that night, there was some clouds in the sky, they were reflecting the city lights, which made for some amazing pictures.

I woke up the next morning and jumped on the road only to be stuck in traffic for 2 hours before I even made it out of London city limits. Whew! I finally made it and had some time to pray and meditate on the Lord, I rejoice when I think about His love and faithfulness in each of our lives.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tell them about LAMININ....

Laminin is a vital part of our body to make sure our overall body structures hold together.

Farewell Mike!

The Devon Hotel

After the meal coffee

Mike showing good form

Geoff showing his dancing skills

Yesterday, Simon, Geoff and myself took Mike out for the day. On Sunday Mike and Sofia are making the move to London. They have been here with us for nearly 8 weeks, they have been a huge blessing here to all of us. We are all going to miss them greatly

We started the day off with a Carvery at the Devon Hotel, then bowled 3 games at Tenpins, Simon won all 3 games, ugh. It was good to get away with the guys to hang out, Geoff had the opportunity to show off his dancing skillsm, while Simon represented the queen in his bowling skills.

Please pray for Mike and Sofia as they take make the move to London

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Trip to George Muller Museum

We took a team trip to Bristol to visit the George Muller Museum on Monday. We also made a customary stop at IKEA, it was good fun.

Please pray for us here in England as many doors for ministry are opening, we simply want to be about the Father's business in all things.

Thank you for your prayers!

Halloween Outreach

Greetings, Just a few pictures from our neighborhood Halloween Outreach. It was really great, all the girls labored all day baking cookies and brownies to hand out to trick-o-treaters.