Monday, March 26, 2007

Fasting and Praying in Montebelluna

Craig leading worship!

Vincenzo exhorting the group from the Word

This past Saturday the church held a day of fasting and praying for the community and favor with the incoming local government. They are having city elections here in the next couple of months. Some officials show more favor to Evangelicals than others, so we pray that the incoming government will show the church great favor as we are looking for property to build on.

It was a blessed day as we worshiped and prayed from 10:0am to 4:00pm. Please pray for the city of Montebelluna as the elections get closer and closer. Their is some property that the church is looking at right now, by the grace of God and His sovereignty the church could be approved by the city officials to purchase it and begin a new building project.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Treviso Trip!

Hey everybody, a couple of weeks ago we had another opportunity to visit Treviso and see Mark and Renata Nigro. They have been a huge blessing to us and a huge encouragement. They have been in Treviso for almost 2 years, he was sent out of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in NJ. Mark works part time teaching english.

We spent the day with them and a few hours conversating with some of Mark's English students, a young Italian couple that Mark has been teaching for some time now. Teaching English is great way to meet people as well as be immersed within the community, it is also a great ministry.

Please pray for Mark and Renata as they continue to serve the Lord in Treviso, Italy. You can also read more about them in the new Calvary Chapel Magazine.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Micah and Damian in Sicily

Mt Etna in Sicily

Sicilian coast

Hey everybody! Please pray for Micah and I. We are in Sicily connecting with some old friends and arranging shipment of several boxes that we have down here. We have been blessed by Dave Kelly and his family, they have been very helpful and hospitable.

We will be leaving here Thursday afternoon to head back home to the family in Montebelluna. Also, please pray for Sandra, Hannah and Silas as they stay near the river and watch the gear for us.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Calvary Chapel Feltre Church Dedication

The historical center of Feltre

Craig leads the service in worship

Lunch after Sunday morning service with David and Inga Lille

This past weekend we were blessed to be able to dedicate the new church in Feltre. We were joined by Daivd and Inga Lille Guzik who direct Calvary Chapel Bible College Siegen Germany. We had a wonderful time of fellwoship with them, they were very loving and encouraging. It was also a blessing to hear a message in english for the first time in nearly two months.

The Lord is doing a wonderful work in Feltre, it is the first evangelical witness that this historical city has ever seen. It has a very rich historical heritage and we are excited to see the spiritual heritage that the Lord is going to build. It is a city not far from Trento, for those who are familiar with the Council of Trent.

Please pray for the believers in Feltre, that the Lord would bring the right man to love and lead this body in this mountain town as they are still without a pastor. Also pray for the city that the Spirit of God would stir the hearts of the people living their and give them a hunger for the Word of God and love of Christ.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Hanging out...

David and Lorenzo having a cafe

Sandra planting a few flowers

In the book of Acts, the second chapter we are told that the church was giving place to the apostles doctrine, breaking of bread, prayer and fellowship. The church wasn't just a church but a community of people that loved Jesus, and loved each other. In Collosians, Paul recognizes that the believers there had a great love for one another and it was known by the hospitality that they showed one another, thsir is much to be said about hospitality as you read through Paul's Epistles.

As the Lord has blessed us with a house, big enough to facilitate ministry and people, it is our desire to use it for His kingdom, for the building of a community of believers that can grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Word together, a community founded upon la Verita (the Truth). Please pray that we would be sensitive to the Lord as He leads us and guides our lives here and th ministry He desires us to do.

Wednesday Market


Just wanted to send out a quick update. We are doing well, I have posted some pictures of the Wednesday Market that we do some of our shopping at on. Most of the bigger cities in Italy have something similar every morning. At the bigger ones you can find a lot of items made from the finest Italian leather, spices and all different kinds of things. However the smaller cities do it once a week. I think this one travels around all week to the smaller cities. They are fun to just walk around and check things out.

In these markets you can find just about everything you need from underwear to gardening tools even a bit of horse meat for lunch for all the horse meat lovers. Most Italians buy a lot of their daily use items at these markets, you can but things much cheaper. Sandra and I bought some flowers that she planted in the front yard this week. We are also in the process of planting a vegetable garden, kinda funny. It is something I never really pictured myself doing, planting my own garden.

Otherwise we are doing well, thanks for all your prayers.