Friday, November 23, 2007

It's Snowing...

We just wanted to post a few more pics of the monkey's playing in the snow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We just wanted to send out a Happy Thanksgiving shout out to all our friends and family. We were able to go to church for a Thanksgiving banner service. It was great, their were about 500 people, half of which had made banners declaring all that we are thankful for. Then we all marched around the sanctuary declaring to everybody else all that we are grateful for. The kids had a blast.

Unfortunately we didn't make it to Denver as we had originally planned. Silas had an accident the night before we left which left us in the Emergency Room until 5 in the morning. He rolled off his bed and split his chin open on the bed frame. He is doing great, we went to the ER around 1 in the morning. Fortunately they were able to put some super glue on his laceration. Despite Silas' accident and other setbacks we did have a wonderful time as a family. It is the first Thanksgiving that we have celebrated with just our family. It was a blessed time. We were able to pick up a thawed turkey at Smith's and a deep fryer at Wal-Mart and throw together a great dinner. Then later this evening Gen came over to share dinner and some pie with us.

Then it started snowing, it was incredible. The snow flakes were almost an inch big and in about 45 minutes it has snowed almost and inch. I was able to take the kids outside for a while and introduce them to snow ball fighting. I was out numbered but I had a natural advantage on them. We had a really good time. It was the first time they have been able to ever play in the snow. We look forward to tomorrow morning, we will be able to make a snow man.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Trip

The other day Sandra and the kids made a trip to the pumpkin patch in Albuquerque. They had a great time and were totally overwhelmed by the size and amount of pumpkins they saw. They all picked out their favorite pumpkin and painted a funny face on them. For some reason all of Silas's paint ended up on his face.