Monday, April 28, 2008


"Draw near to GOD and He will draw near to you."


Random pictures from April

Here are some random pictures from the month of April.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Farewell to the Orpilla's

Well, the Orpilla's left today to California where they will be living. Niel started his terminal leave from the Air Force yesterday. They will be living in Wildomar, California. It is near Murrieta.

Please keep them in your prayers as they will be starting a new chapter in their lives apart from the Air Force.

More Okinawa pics...

Here are some more picture from my trip to Okinawa, it was such a blessing to see so many of our friends that still remain in Okinawa. The Lord is doing a wonderful work in Okinawa. Thanks Pastor Rick and CCO for everything and making my stay there so wonderful.

Hannah and Daddy's Day Out

Hannah and I went out for a date the other day. It started out in the dentist office. What a place to start a date, we then went out to lunch to Fudrucker's for burgers. We had a really fun afternoon out together.

Visit from Shannon Ray...

While I was in Japan one of our favorite friends came to spend time with Sandra. Shannon Ray, she lives in Cibola, Texas.

Shannon was a Bible College student in Okinawa when we met her, Shannon and Sandra have a great relationship and we are very grateful for her. Prayerfully she will be serving the Lord with us in England.

Please! Continue to pray for her as she seeks the Lord for direction.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Damian in Okinawa

Whew! Finally, I have returned from my trip to Okinawa. It was such a great journey and the Lord did many wonderful things. It was a very busy trip full of fun and fellowship and ministry.

We were blessed and spent some time in the northern part of Okinawa at their annual men's retreat. It was great to spend some time with old friends and also have the opportunity to make many others. We played games, worshiped and studied the Word together.

The trip was long in getting there and getting home, but the whole thing was a huge blessing. I am sure glad to be home with the family. Sandra had another visitor, Shannon, from Texas came to spend a few days with her. They had a good time together visiting places and fellowshipping.

Please continue to pray for us, we will be applying for our visas soon. We will keep you updated.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Jeff and Kara Trujillo

Meet Jeff and Kara, we met them during the Missions Conference and to come to find out that they also attend CCAlbuquerque. Please keep the Trujillo family as they answered the call of GOD to step out of faith to serve in Bridlington, England. They are living this coming Tuesday to go visit Kara's family in Missouri then after that they are off to England. Please check out their family website

More pictures from Damian's birthday


This past weekend we were able to celebrate Damian's 30th Over the Hill Birthday all started when his sister Yvette and family came down from Denver to surprise him for his birthday. Then we had a surprise "OVER THE HILL" dinner for him Friday night. The Orpilla's and Snell's were able to join us in the celebration of this joyous event in Damian's life, we also wanted to remember how we have celebrated birthday parties in Okinawa by playing "Guesstures with everyone. The Orpilla's keep wanting to play Scattergories, but we banned them from playing that game because they often make their own rules, like Glenn with Settlers. Then Saturday we all went to Family Fun Center where Damian could experienced youth once again...... then that evening we were off to Red Lobster for another dinner party for him....We just wanted to thank everyone who came, you were a blessing to Damian's birthday celeberation.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oprah and New Age

Just wanted to share this video and we can all hear it from ourselves what Oprah is giving to her audience.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Everything has it's time

It is definitely Spring time here in Albuquerque, the snow has melted and we can no longer feel the sting of cold weather. The past few days have brought blooming flowers and beautiful trees with beautiful leaves.

As you all know that Albuquerque geographically is situated in a desert, and you can see by the pictures above that even in the midst of the desert, GOD is able to bring beautiful flowers and green trees.

We also know that it is a Biblical truth that we will also enter the desert place, times characterized by dryness and difficulty. But, those who are believers in Jesus Christ have the hope that God can also bring forth beautiful buds and green leaves in our lives when we don't loose hope in traversing the desert. The desert can also be a great place of purging, refining and cleansing. "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you"

The wonderful thing is that no matter how big the desert is, it will end, many times the margins of the desert are marked with oceans or lush green mountains. Lets be encouraged in the character of our LORD, that HE Jesus, is with us in every season and every journey of our lives. He is not only able, but desiring to bring something beautiful in every journey of our lives, even in the midst of the driest deserts.

Misty Blu's visit to Albuquerque

Our family was also blessed by a good friend, Misty who now resides in California. Please continue to keep Misty in prayer as she continue to seek the LORD for His guidance and leading in her life, and also for the Lord to open the door for her to do something with missions in CCBC Murrietta as she serves there in the Conference Center.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Just hangin' around

Here are some pictures of the kids just hanging around and being kids.....