Friday, April 27, 2007

Mike Langley visits California!

We were recently blesssed to see and spend time with Mike Langley. It was a wonderful surprise for us to see him, the relationship that we have established with the Langley family over the last few years has been a blessing to us. Our kids speak often of Tyler and Maddie, they have many fond memories with them, as well as Cindy has been such a blessing to Sandra.

Mike is a sailor in the Navy, he was here attending a conference for work related activities. We found out from Cindy that he was going to be here in So Cal for a week. We were so glad the we had the opportunity to take Mike to Pizza Port in Carlsbad, Hands down, one of the best pizza places in California. We spent the afternoon with Danny and Michelle from S.E.N.D. Ministries, Danny was also a sailor at one point. After having pizza we took Mike to one of our favorite hangouts in Carlsbad. We went to Kafana's Java House, where we spent some time doing some good 'ole fellowshipping.

We ended the evening worshiping together at Calvary Chapel Oceanside's mid-week service. Overall, we had a great time with Mike reflecting on all the wonderful memories that we shared from Okinawa. For all of you guys in Okinawa, I am a bit dissappointed at the news that their haven't been any trips to the Ofurro (Japanese bathouse). Maybe when we come to visit in June.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fellowship at Calvary Chapel Whittier!

Sorry! I know that we haven't updated in sometime, but our internet access has been extremely limited. We are doing well, we have been in the states for almost 2 weeks, Wow! Has time flown by. We have been real busy reconnecting with friends, familie and churches.

We have been so blessed by all the fellowship with many friends here in California. It has been a blessing to see all that the Lord is doing in peoples lives here in So Cal.

This passed Sunday we fellowshipped with Pastor Alvin, and the body at CC Whittier. The saints at CC Whittier showed us abundant love as I was able to share from God's Word with the Body. We are so encouraged by all the people who have been praying for us, without even knowing us. It was great to connect with all of those faithful prayer warriors who have been interceeding on our behalf. We look forward to our continued fellowship with our friends at CC Whittier.

Please! Continue to pray for our time here in the states. I will be keeping busy serving at different churches here in California. Sandra and the kids stay busy with homeschool stuff suring the day. We thank everybody for the prayers that have been made on our behalf. We give all glory unto the Lord as He honors all those prayers.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Off to the states we go!

Greetings friends and family! Well, we are off to the states again to take care of our visa paperwork. Otherwise we are doing well.

We were blessed with the opportunity to spend the day in Venice prior to leaving Italy. We had a wonderful time together as a family, although we did quite a bit of walking while we were sightseeing. Their were crowds of people so it took a while to get anywhere. We were able to enjoy soem pizza, pasta and Gelatto

While we are in the states we will be in California and New Mexico visiting family. We will also be visiting various Calvary Chapels in California and New Mexico, the Lord has opened up some doors for me to share from God's Word. Please keep us in your prayers while we are away.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Koinonia Fellowship Visits Italy

Team New York

Dave teaches while Craig translates

Worship in Feltre

Pastor Dave and his wife Marianne

Carlo shares passionately with some locals

Recently we were paid a visit by a team from Calvary Chapel Koinonia Fellowship from Rochester, New York. We had a great time getting to know the team. It is incredible, the unity that we find in Christ, as the last of them departed back to to the states this morning it was difficult to say good bye. We are so blessed that as believers we are in a very literal sense brother and sisters in Christ. We were blessed to host Pastor Dave Barbero and his wife Marianne at our home, they were a tremendous blessing and encouragement to Sandra and I. We had the opportunity to pick their minds in regards to parenting, ministry and personal testimonies and workings of God in our lives.

They arrived in Italy almost 12 days ago, they spent some time visiting Calvary Chapels throughout Italy. Their journey started in Rome, then to Treviso with mark and Renata and they finished their trip in Montebelluna and Feltre.

We did some evangelical outreaches, planting some seeds in the hearts of many people. We look forward to seeing the fruit of those seeds that were planted. Continue to keep those things in your prayers with us. Pray for the team, many of them went home with a lot to pray about. We would love to see the Lord raise up more people with a heart to see Italians come to know the truth about Christ, to be set free from religion and find an everlasting relationship that is offered through Christ. I want to close with a quote from Ravi Zacharias, "Sometimes religion can be the greatest stumbling block for people to find true spirituality."