Monday, May 28, 2007

CCBC Murietta Graduation

This past week we were able to celebrate with our friends who graduated Calvary Chapel Bible College Murietta. It was great to see their familiar faces. These students have studied hard over the last 2 years to complete the four semester requirement. For many of them their studies with CCBC allowed them to study abroad in several different countries. Israel, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Brazil to name a few countries many of them had the opportunities to live and study in. While many of them were in Japan we were blessed to spend time with them and get to know them personally.

We had a great time with them. We didn't make it to the graduation, but we were able to see them at the reception following the graduation then for sushi after that.

Please contniue to pray for them as they all seek God's will for the next step of direction concerning their lives.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Avalanche Ranch VBS

Calvary Chapel Farmington spent last Saturday decorating for their summer VBS Avalanche Ranch. We went out to help them in the process. We had a lot fun getting out and fellowshipping and getting to know the body from CC Farmington.

It was a very hot day as temperatures reached about 90 degrees, but that didn't stop the body from coming out and contributing to the effort. The VBS will actually take place the second week of June. Unfortunately we won't be here any longer to be apart of the VBS, but our prayers are with them.

This summer they are hoping to be able to reach a local group of unchurched kids with the VBS. Farmington is a city being overrun with drugs and alcohol, but in the midst of all this God is doing a work in people's lives. It's in the darkest places that the light of Christ shines the brightest.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

We're having ANOTHER baby!

For those of you who don't yet know, We're having another baby! We went to the Doctor yesterday in Durango to see the obstetrician.

It was quite a challenge to find a physician to see Sandra since she won't be delivering here. But we finally found a physician to see her and she had her first ultrasound, No! I didn't do it for those who are wondering, it was kind of funny because over the last several years I was able to do ultrasounds on many friends of ours, but when it was time for my own wife to get one I didn't even get to see it, much less do it.

Sandra is 21 weeks and 5 days, we are having a little girl! We are all excited and can't wait to see little Charis Priscilla come September 18th. Hannah is especially excited as she has been praying for a little sister for some time now. We thank the Lord for all His blessings completing our 2 pairs. Please pray for Sandra and the baby over the next few months while we will be continuing our travels.

Visit to Durango!

Yesterday while we were in Durango we were also able to take the kids to the Steam Train Musuem. The kids really enjoyed their time in the musuem. They are in that Thomas and friends stage right now, so for them it was really exciting

It was also interesting to see and learn how the steam trains operated at the turn of the century. It was incredible to see how men laid all the tracks across the Rocky Mountains with hand tools. We had a wonderful time, Durango is a very beautiful city tucked away into the mountains.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dinner with Calvary Chapel Farmington!

This past Wednesday night we had the opportunity to fellowship with Andy Fine and his family. Andy is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Farmington, NM. We had a wonderful with them as we were able to share about things going on in Italy and our lives over the last 3 months.

Andy and his family have been a great blessing and encouragement everytime we have traveled through NM visiting family.

The Lord is doing a wonderful in Farmington, the Lord has opened up doors and allowed the church to minister to a lot of kids that have never been exposed to the Gospel. They are having a VBS in upcoming weeks, please keep that in your prayers

Monday, May 07, 2007

Visit with the crew from CCBC Murietta!

We were recently blessed with the opportunity to visit with our friends from Calvary Chapel Bible College Murietta, previously when these students were in Okinawa the Lord allowed us to establish a wonderful friendship with the students.

Our kids love all of them very much and ask about them all too often. We were also able to see Jessica Valadez, she was previously a missionary in Okinawa. We had a wonderful time with all our friends. We had the opprotunity to go to dinner and Downtown Disney with all of them. The Lord is always so faithful to us.