Friday, September 29, 2006


The past couple of days our family has been busy getting ready to move out of base housing... We started with moving and delivering furniture to several friends homes, then packing books, clothes, videos, CD's and other things that we have accumulated over the past 3 years. Yesterday some of the girls from Calvary Chapel Bible College Okinawa came and helped clean the house, it was a huge blessing and we are very thankful for their servant's heart. Please continue to pray for all of the college students there in CCBC OKINAWA and for our upcoming move as well.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Micah the Rock Star

Hi everyone we just wanted to share new pictures of Micah jamming for Jesus, he was listening to some Crowder and decided to pick up Hannah's guitar, Sandra couldn't help but take a few shots of Micah's session and share them with you all. In the bottom picture he is doing some finger work, perfecting his ability to arpegiate. God is really awesome and we see many ways that He is shaping and molding the children He has blessed us with.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Women's Dinner

Here are some random pictures taken by Misty Blu from Calvary Chapel Okinawa Women's Dinner. It was a wonderful evening at Macaroni Grill for fellowship and getting to know the women from the church, seventy-five women attended the event. Please continue to pray for all the women here at Calvary Chapel Okinawa to grow in Christ and also to build relationship with one another....also keep in your prayer the new Women's Bible Study that will be starting this coming Friday morning on the book of Esther, the Friday evening Japanese bible study and also Thursday evening Coffee Shop Study they will be going through a book about prayer.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Silas new dew...

Greetings! Well with the temperature increase here in Okinawa and with Silas' long hair I finally decided to give the young man a hair cut. He is almost 1 now and it was about time. People have commented on how much he looks like Ghandi or a baby Buddha, we're not really sure about either of them. One thing is for sure that he sweats alot less now than he did before, be blessed.

Gen and Tamiko off to Austria

Meet Gen and Tamiko....both of these girls have been a tremendous blessing and a huge encouragement as they have been serving here with TC-1, a youth minstry of Calvary Chapel Okinawa. They are currently in Austria participating in
"A Vision for Life" a ministry of Calvary Chapel Bible College in Austria. They will be there for 3 months doing missions and Bible classes, so please remember them in your prayers.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Here are some new pictures of Hannah(4) taken from (Wed Night VBS at our church presentation of many songs they learn from the whole summer program), Micah(2) and Silas(11mos). They are all doing well
and growing so fast, we are trying to cherish these days of their life. Sandra started to homeschool Hannah(pre-K) and ofcourse Micah is learning along with his big sister, and Silas will turn 1yr old in couple of weeks.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Here are some random new pictures of the little Velarde's....
As you can see...Micah is growing his hair like dad....
Little Silas is not so little anymore..his crawling around and tries to keep up
with Hannah and Micah. Hannah loves helping me around by watching her little
brothers. It's such an awesome priviledge to raise up the children the LORD
bless us with.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Here are some pictures taken when our family went to Okinawa Expo Park with our good friends Niel, Vanessa and JP Orpilla. We spent the weekend at OKUMA a military beach resort then off to the park for a day of exercise and sea explorations. Expo park is the home of one of the largest aquariums in the world. It is the home to the largest whale sharks held in captivity, we spent several hours there before we departed home. The kids had so much fun watching all the different sea animals. Before we left the park the kids cooled off in the fountains in front of the park. IT WAS SUCH A BLESSING TO HAVE TIME TOGETHER WITH THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS THAT GOD HAS BROUGHT INTO OUR LIVES!!!