Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bar D Wranglers in Durango Colorado

Sorry that it has been so long that we have updated our blog, but so much has happened in the last few weeks. I have been incredibly busy laying tile, painting and landscaping my mother's home in Albuquerque. It was last month that I learned how to tile and have done about 3oo square feet in the last month.

The pictures posted above are of the Orpilla's and us in Colorado. We went to eat at The Bar D Wranglers, it is a cowboy dinner show that has been going since 1969 in Durango Colorado. We had a great time spending the day in Durango, visiting the Art Fair they were having and seeing the sites. Durango is a beautiful little town tucked away in the mountains. We really had a great time.

We spent the weekend in Farmington, New Mexico at my brothers house. Which is about 45 minutes from Durango. All in all, we had a fun weekend. We were also able to visit Pastor Andy at Calvary Chapel Farmington for Sunday morning service.


Shannon Leigh said...

I'm not sure about that definately doesn't compare to Sandra's home cooking but looks and sounds like fun!! The kids are getting so big...and that includes the one inside!! Love you guys and praying for you...Shannon

Anonymous said...

Niel! I love the baby bjorn, very stylish.

Anonymous said...

Oh... I thought that was Glenn playing with the kids... its a fake bear... just kidding...
looks like you guys had a blast!

love from Eclipse and the Barnett family

Anonymous said...

Those kids are so adorable and I see Sandra that tummy is getting big.
praying for you guys.
Pilar Bonner