Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More scenes from Montebelluna

This used to be a bunny rabbit, now it's what's for dinner

Cheese anybody? This ia the typical cheese selection in an Italian Market

A snapshot of the centro or downtown area.

By grace! We are continuing to do good. As an update on the house for those of you that are wondering. We didn't get the house, the Lord has something better in store for us. We heard back over the weekend that the owner decided to rent to a friend of his. Italians are always a bit skeptical of foreigners. Our prayer was that if it wasn't the Lord that He would close the door, He did just that so we are rejoicing that He is leading the way for us.

Our time is still filled with studying Italian and familiarizing ourselves with the city. Please continue to pray as we begin our search for a car as well. We will need a car as soon as we find a house. We will probably end up living a good distance from the church. The weather has been very cold, their have been a few nice days 40-50. But the nights are real cold, they get down to the 20's or so.

Thank you guys for your prayers, please stay up to date with us. We are so blessed and encouraged by everybody's comments and emails, thank you all for stepping with us one day at a time.


Anonymous said...

I was hungry until I saw the rabbit picture. Yuck.

Great photos otherwise. :)

It was great to chat with you Damian - I updated the church this Sunday.


pastor rick

Anonymous said...

oh, the town looks so europian.
it is very historical looking. so nice....
i will keep praying for you

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Have I told you we miss you yet? ;) Sandra, please let us all know when you make rabbit stew...I want it to go on record. Damian must've talked to Rick recently b/c he updated us all tonite (wednesday) and said you guys found another house that might be a possibility. We're all praying. I tried calling you again yesterday, but it was busy. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Micah and many hugs from Oki! XO


Anonymous said...

Aloha! It's great to come on and see what's going on with your family. This is great! So have you found a replacement there for Valentino's? Was that the name of your second home in Motta? LOL I don't suppose you guys are eating gelato in that weather are you? We will keep your housing situation in prayer. We love you guys!
Tony & Shanny